Guiding you along your health journey

Hi there, and thanks for joining me!! My name is Jen or Coach Z, just because Ziccarelli can be a mouth full and a pain to spell on your first go round!  If you’re wondering why I got into this “coaching thing” it is simple… I LOVE this lifestyle and NEED to share it and all of its benefits with whom ever I can!!  I have seen an amazing turn around in my health, mental wellbeing, body image and vitality. My Autoimmune diseases (eczema, leaky gut, allergies and Hashimoto’s) are all under control. I want that for you too!!

Where ever you are in your own personal health and wellness journey, it would be a joy to help guide, bring insight and share with you the tools you just might be missing out on, to reach that end goal – which I am sure you have envisioned for yourself.  Whether it be to lose weight, find the energy you once had (or never had for that matter), gain relief from one of the many, many debilitating autoimmune issues plaguing our society or just plain want to be able to play around with the kiddos and/or grand kids! Hold tight to that vision of yourself in that place – YOU WILL get there, and I would LOVE the honor of helping you along the way!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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  1. Beautifully done, Jen (Coach Z!!!) – I will be following your blog once all the Christmas cookies are gone from my house – SERIOUSLY!!!! Love you!!

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