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You might be wondering, “why would I do testing on my own?” Well…have you ever done a little research or learned of something interesting from a friend or family member and just wondered about those numbers within yourself? So, you took your new-found knowledge to your Dr.’s office, where you PAID for a consult, and then were given the obligatory  “pleasant” smirk , a condescending tone and the consequential denial of a blood work script because “everyone’s a Dr. now with the internet”. Sorry, I forgot I needed the Dr.’s approval on seeing what is up with MY body.

Not the case!  YOU are your most valuable and intuitive ally for yourself, are you not?!  So feel free to get a full picture of your own health with a few additional or more in-depth screenings.  There are certain “routine” labs Dr.’s run that just don’t give us the full picture. Thyroid for example, sometimes they go on TSH levels alone and simply what the number says (old standards) and not how you are feeling (cold hands and feet, brittle nails and hair loss), or looking at the 5 other thyroid markers or deficient nutrients that correspond to thyroid health.  Cholesterol markers are a big one too!  New science shows that it isn’t the total cholesterol number we need to be worried about but the ratio of HDL:Lipids and the particle size of our LDL’s (there are 4 different sizes! big /fluffy good ~small /dense bad) Sometimes it takes a while for busy Dr.’s to get informed but that doesn’t help you out in the mean time, so get it done on your own. Be one of the ones “In the Know” and change your health for the better… and then, spread the word.

You may be interested in getting an absolutely unique and personal view of what you are made of up of by having your genetics analyzed.  Epigenetic research and testing are a great way to learn about which foods, vitamins, substances and/or chemicals, you might need to avoid or add in, to prevent certain genes from turning on or off. You can do this by plugging in your raw data from 23 and Me or Ancestry to certain sites and then do your own research into the results OR check out MaxGen.  They decipher your results and provide you with a great report, plus all of your DNA is destroyed and not out there for random use.

I can help you interpret any of these lab results to better prepare you for a doctor visit or simply for your own understanding.